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hanging bird feeder

Why Are Hanging Bird Feeders Good For Feeding Birds?

So you want to enjoy watching the many species of birds feeding in your garden but you don't really know where to start or what type of feeder you should even be using?

Fear not, with a huge range of styles and types of bird feeder available it can be difficult to choose one that you think will suit your garden, the wild birds and your budget.

This simple guide will highlight why hanging feeders are a fantastic option for feeding birds in your garden, looking at where to hang hanging feeders, which birds hanging feeders are good for and how to get the most from a hanging style of wild bird feeder.

Small Bird Perched On Hanging Bird Feeder

Hang Them Pretty Much Anywhere:

Why are hanging bird feeders a good option? If you're new to bird feeding or want a fairly low maintenance commitment to feeding the birds then hanging feeders are great as, like the name suggests, you can hang them pretty much anywhere. There's no need to attach them to a fence or nail them to a tree, there's no need to fiddle around with getting a feeding station pole in the ground, you simply choose a good place and hang your feeder and you're done.

That's not to say hanging feeders don't work really well on feeding stations because they definitely do but if you're looking for something quick and easy then a hanging feeder is the way to go. 

Where Do I Hang A Hanging Feeder?

It's always a good idea to think about the safest place to locate a bird feeder, for yourself and for the birds. You don't want to place a feeder in a really hard to access location as it will make topping up feed and cleaning the feeder much more of a chore.

You also need to think about hanging a bird feeder somewhere the offers natural coverage for small birds such as finches, coal tits, and sparrows to keep them safe from predators such as cats or larger birds. In general, hanging a hanging bird feeder in a small tree with a sturdy branch, on a post etc is a good place to start.

Black Metal S Hook Hanging From A Tree Branch

Metal S Forge Hook: £10.79

Places to avoid would be close to shrubbery that could provide easy access for cats, away from fences as again.. cats! Birds will avoid glass and windows and there are potential hazards to some birds by placing a feeder too near to your home such as paint, chemicals and so on.

If in doubt think about where you've seen birds feeding from before, a lot of smaller birds tend to pick fruit from trees so if you have a small and sturdy tree in your garden this would be a good place to try. You may find you need a forge S hook to be able to hang feeder comfortably from thick branches and the like. 

Hanging Feeders Create Less Mess

The table or dish style of hanging bird feeder is great for reducing mess from feeding birds, allowing you to waste less on buying bird seed as well as being a great way to offer different styles of seeds and nuts.

This vintage bronze hanging feeder dish is ideal for small birds and it offers a lipped edge for perching as well as being able to store around 2-3 days worth of feed meaning you don't need to keep making trips up the garden! 

Vintage bronze hanging feeder

Hanging Bird Feeder Dish: £23.99

Having less seed dropped is also really beneficial as it helps stop other wildlife from being attracted to feeders, one issue with lots of fallout seed etc can be that it attracts mice and rats. Keeping a clean feeder that is not as accessible for these small mammals as its hanging away from the ground and other structures will reduce the risk of getting rats in the garden.  

Hanging Feeders Can Help Small Birds Get Access To Food

If you've tried feeding birds in your garden before you will know that with the cute little birds comes the bigger, greedy pigeons! It's great to feed all types of birds in your garden, however often smaller birds won't feed alongside pigeons and may be left with little food left. As well as bigger birds, small birds such as finches, blue tits, robins and so on also have to contend with squirrels. 

squirrel proof green bird feeder

Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Feeder: £16.99

This squirrel proof hanger is an absolute win if you're struggling with a squirrel issue! The caged seed feeder stops the (super cute but super annoying) squirrels from getting in and eating all of the feed. As well as this it also prevents larger birds from feeding as only smaller wild birds can fit through the gaps, the tray on the bottom prevents seed from being wasted and also again deters other wildlife from coming to feed on the dropped food. 

It's also a good idea if you do have lots of squirrels coming to your garden to create a separate feeding zone for squirrels and birds, this heavy-duty squirrel feeder is a great choice as it is made from FCS approved sturdy timbre and comes with a flip top opening which is sure to keep any cheeky squirrels occupied!

 Hanging Feeders Look Good!

Part of the reason we love feeding birds is for our own enjoyment, it can be really relaxing to watch the birds even if you're not a massive bird-watcher! As well as this you want the wildlife attractant you choose to fit in with your garden's style and ultimately look good as well as being functional 

Bali Island Hand-Painted Bird House Feeder: £44.99

If you're looking for something that makes a statement and offers a real piece of interest in your garden, the Bali Island range of bird feeders an houses is perfect for you.

The house style is fantastic for smaller birds to safely sit inside and feed along with the  high edges stopping seed from falling on to the ground. Hand-painted in the traditional Indonesian dot paint style this hanging table feeder is filled with intricate and charming beauty that will make watching the wild birds even more magical.

If you're a wildlife lover and want to encourage and help more wildlife in your garden make sure you visit our range of beautiful wildlife attractant including squirrel feeders, hedgehog houses, bat boxes and more.

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