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Bagpath Hanging Bird Feeder Dish In Vintage Bronze

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The attractive Vintage Garden Hanging Bird Feeder is designed to bring timeless sculptural products to your garden or outdoor space. An all-metal product range finished with a bronzed and antique appearance. The Vintage Garden Hanging Bird Feeder hangs from three chains and has a solid perch around the entire feeding dish to provide ample room as a landing spot for several birds. Ideally, the feeding bowl will hold 2-3 days of food to ensure the supply is always fresh. This feeder is suitable for all bird food types, including seed, kibbled nuts, suet, and mealworms. The drainage holes will make sure the food doesn’t sit in water and go off when it rains.

Siting the Bagpath Hanging Bird Feeder

The feeder is suitable for hanging from a basket bracket, feed station, tree, gazebo, or any structurally sound hanger, ensuring the feeder is not too close to a wall or fence. It’s always best to site the feeder somewhere accessible to see as you can monitor the feed levels and enjoy watching the birds!


Periodically removing old and mouldy food and sanitising with a good wash ensures good bird hygiene is maintained. The all-metal design makes it easy to clean.

Product Details

  • Hanging Bird Bowl With Three Chains
  • Bronzed Metal Effect
  • Bowl Can Hold 2-3 Days Feed Comfortably
  • Can Be Hung From Almost Any Structurally Sound Areas
  • Hang from Trees, Pagodas, Hanging Basket Brackets, Bird Feeder Stations & More
  • Bowl Comes With Small Holes To Drain Away Any Water
  • Ensure Birds Are Protected From Hunters By Keeping Away From Walls & Fences
  • Measures Approximately 27 x 27 x 9cm