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Get 10% Off Your First Order When You sign Up To Our Free Newsletter

Artisan Bali Island Hand-Painted Hanging Bird Feeder Table


Introducing the Artisan Hanging Bird Table from the beautiful Bali Island Range, handmade and hand-painted by Balinese artisans in a genuinely authentic Indonesian style. The entire range is constructed using sustainably sourced timber and has been lovingly hand-painted using a dot painting technique.

The Artisan Hanging Bird Table provides an excellent opportunity to feed a variety of wild bird foods from seed mixes and kibbled peanuts to suet snacks and safe food scraps. The smaller archways provide a restricted height making a safe area for smaller birds to feed. This space limitation prevents access by larger species such as crows, pigeons, magpies, and seagulls from food.


Hang this Bird Table from a suitable branch, bracket, or roof overhang where it can be easily accessed for refilling and can be viewed for maximum enjoyment. For best results, we suggest having cover such as shrubs nearby so the birds will feel safe venturing to and from feeding.


Periodically remove any uneaten food and wipe away any dirt with a damp cloth, avoiding anything abrasive.

 Product Details

  • Bali Island Wild Bird Feeder
  • Hanging Bird Feeder Style 
  • Can Be Hung From Secure Branches, Posts, Roof Over-Hang Etc.
  • Hand-Painted By Bali Artisans
  • Traditional Indonesian Dot Painting Technique
  • Ideal For Smaller Birds Due To 'House' Style
  • Hold Seeds Easily & Can Be Cleaned With A Damp Cloth/Scraper
  • The House Style Stop Larger Birds From Lading On The Feeder
  • Made From Sustainably Sourced Timber
  • 23.5 x 22.5 x 27cm