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Are Ecoffee Cup The Best Reusable Coffee Cup?

Are Ecoffee Cup The Best Reusable Coffee Cup?

We think so! Reusable coffee cups are one of the simplest ways to become more environmentally conscious, budget-friendly and a small change in your day-to-day. Ecoffee Cup reusable coffee cups are a stylish way get your coffee on the go without the guilt of creating single use waste.

Ecoffee Cup are one of the leading brands in reusable coffee cups, after realising in 2012 that reusable cups weren’t actually reusable Ecoffee Cup set about making a change for the better. Since then Ecoffee Cup have grown and grown to now offer a brand new range that are even more sustainable.

Here’s 5 reasons why we love Ecoffee Cup!

#1 They’re Better For The Planet

Ecoffee Cup reusable cups are a better option than using disposable cups as by their nature they create much less waste. By bringing your own coffee cup to a café the demand for single-use cups is much less meaning the more people that own reusable cups (and use them regularly) the less disposable cups are manufactured. It’s also important to think about the material used to create reusable cups, your reusable cup should be easy to clean and made from a more sustainable source than plastic. Are Ecoffee Cup reusable cups going to change the face of climate change? Probably not but they’re a small and simple change than all works towards creating a much happier planet.



#2 They’re Made Of Plant-Based Material

The new Ecoffee Cup range for 2022 have a new and improved material, moving on from the well-known bamboo style, this new range is made from PLA, a biodegradable bioplastic. PLA is made from fermented corn starch, cassava, maize, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp; the sugar in these becomes lactic acid which in turn becomes polylactic acid… which all sounds very complicated but really it means these new coffee cups are made in a much for sustainable way. This plant-based material is vegan-friendly and is considerably better for the environment. PLA production uses 65% less energy consumption than conventional materials and contains no toxins! Stronger than classic bamboo, PLA is also certified as suitable for drinking and eating from with not a trace of melamine in sight.



#3 They’re Compostable

PLA is a commercially compostable material, this means when it reaches its end of life it can be composted via a process whereby the material is safely broken down and decomposed. The Ecoffee Cup PLA cups are all commercially compostable and biodegradeable; many places now offer facilities that can compost Ecoffee Cup cups in a controlled way. As you can imagine composting is much better for the environment, composting your old PLA cups from Ecoffee Cup will allow them to break down into a non-toxic material that can be converted into a rich soil supplement!


#4 Earn Points & Get Money Off!

Lots of coffee shops now have schemes that encourage and support the use of reusable cups, it really does pay to take your Ecoffee Cup with you! Costa give an extra ‘bean’ when you use a reusable cup in their shops meaning you only need to have 4 drinks in a reusable cup to earn yourself a free drink with them. Similarly Starbucks award 25 member points to customers who bring in a clean, reusable cup to use. Ecoffee Cup PLA reusable eco cups are dishwasher and microwave safe so keeping them clean is no issue.

#5 They Look Good!

Ecoffee Cup know that if you’re going to commit to carrying a reusable cup around with you it needs to look good too; that’s why Ecoffee Cup are known for having some of the most fun and unique designs. With a host of cool collaborations as well including William Morris and Vincent Van Gogh Museum classic designs. Whether you’re looking for something simple and chic or a patterned and quirky the Ecoffee Cup range will have something to suit you; available in a range of sizes from 8oz to 16oz these reusable cups also make a fantastic gift.

Shop the complete range available online now!

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