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Which Power Failure Light Do I Need?

Which Power Failure Light Do I Need?

With news of potential power cuts during the upcoming Winter here in the UK, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the need to get prepared; with the colder and darker season on the way it doesn’t hurt to think about ways to keep safe and secure even if it’s just for your own peace of mind.

Xtralite are one of the leading brands in LED lighting, manufactured to offer a range of useful and easy to use features; the core Xtralite torch range all have one thing in common, they offer power failure lighting, but which one do you need?

This simple guide explains the functionality of the Xtralite power failure lighting giving you the option to get a power failure light that will work for you and your home!

The NiteSafe Torch - £19.99

The most classic of all the LED Xtralite torches available, the NiteSafe torch was designed to offer a simple and effective LED torch for power cuts and general use as needed. As with all the Xtralite lighting this torch is charged via an induction charging base that will remain plugged in at the mains. The torch will remain in the charging base offering a subtle amber glow from the torch base helping you to locate it easily in the dark, should the power fail the torch will light up giving you a strong and direct LED light. The black water-resistant torch can be used to light rain if required and comes with the option to set the torch light to a high or low light along with an emergency flash mode as well.

The Highlights

  • Classic Torch Style
  • Water-Resistant Material
  • Power Failure Torch
  • Last Up To 8 Hours On Low Light

The Duo - £18.95

Considered the entry-level torch in the Xtralite range, the Duo is one of three in the Duo collection and offers three main features that should cover all your basic requirements. As with all the Xtralite torches the Duo is rechargeable via a plug-in cradle, the torch element simply slides out of the base giving you a bright LED torch that lasts up to 2 hours on power failure mode. A good all-rounder the Duo comes with a simple sliding switch that lets you choose if you want the torch as a dusk-till-dawn night light or a motion-activated light, making it ideal for plugging in near stairways, hallways and the like.


The Highlights

  • Bright LED Torch & Night Light
  • Dusk Till Dawn Night Light Setting – Comes On When It Gets Dark
  • Motion Sensor Light – Comes On When Movement Is Detected
  • Automatic Power Failure Light
  • Lasts Up To 2 Hours Outside Of Base

The Maxi - £21.95

The ultimate night light, the Maxi is perfect for people wanting the extra comfort and safety of having a LED light on throughout the night. The Maxi sits inside the base whilst plugged in to the wall, as soon as darkness is detected the Dusk Till Dawn setting kicks in giving off a cool white light through the torches LED light. Perfect for plugging in at the top of stairs, near back doors, hallways and so on to offer an easy to find light at night. The Maxi also comes with an in-built power failure lighting meaning should the power cut the Maxi’s LEDs will automatically turn on offering up to 15 hours of light on a low light setting.

The Highlights

  • Dusk Till Dawn Nightlight – Comes On when Darkness Is Detected
  • Rechargeable Base Via Mains
  • Choose Between High Or Low Light Or A Flasher Light
  • Charge Lasts Up To 15 Hours Outside Of The Base

The Sensor II

The new and improved Sensor II is the one for you if you’re after a LED light that will come on when movement is detected, the sensor on the front of the torch activates the LEDs via motion sensor meaning it will shine a light when you walk past it. The Sensor II is great for stairways, near doorways, dark cupboards and so on and remains charging via the mains plug in induction charging base. The LED light will turn on automatically if the power cuts giving you a bright directional light that with last for up to 5 hours on a low light. Along with this the Sensor II has the option to choose a high or low light along with an emergency flasher mode.

The Highlights

  • Motion Sensor Light – Comes On In The Dark When Motion Is Detected
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Rechargeable Via Mains
  • Automatic Power Failure Light
  • LEDs Will Last For Up To 5 Hours Outside Of Base

 Whichever Xtralite torch you choose you will be safe in the knowledge that each unit comes with a warranty and the friendly Pizzazz team are on hand to help with any further questions you might have.



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