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What Can I Use My Warmies For?

What Can I Use My Warmies For?

As you may already know Warmies offer a collection of heatable products that are a perfect alternative to the traditional hot water bottle, but did you know there's more to this range than just keeping cosy?

Warmies heatable products contain specially treated millet seeds that allow the item to be heated up gently in a microwave. Products such as the soft toys range are perfect for children and adults alike and make a lovely gift for the chillier months. Warmies also offer a range of luxury microwavable slippers, neck wraps, eye masks and more which all help to keep you warm and toasty, but what else can they do?

Soothe Aches & Pains

A heat compress is known to benefit stiff joints and relax muscles, if you struggle with aches and pains or need to be on your feet all day then Warmies heatable products can really help to alleviate this. 

Warmies slippers and booties can both be microwaved to help to sooth sore feat and of course keep them warm! Warming products and heat packs are known to help with arthritis and relaxing muscles.

Sleep Aid

Heatable products from the Warmies range contain a hint of French lavender, that gives of a natural lavender aroma once heated. Lavender is known for it's relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities. Warm up a Warmies microwavable toy, neck wrap, slippers etc. and start to feel yourself unwind; also ideal for encouraging sleepy children off to bed. 

Help Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, the Warmies microwavable eye mask is ideal for helping to soothe the symptoms. It's known that holding a hot compress against the eyes can soothe any pain or swelling as well an encouraging more tears and unclogging glands. The Warmies eye masks are a beautiful way to relieve dry eyes as well as working wonderfully as a night time mask for sleeping. 

Weighted Toys

Warmies microwavable toys are filled with treated millet seed that give the toys a slightly weighted feel. Some research shows that weighted items can help to reduce anxiety and stress, items like weighted blankets have become popular for people that struggle with anxiety-related symptoms.

The deep pressure stimulation helps to calm the nervous system by releasing soothing chemicals from the brain. Hugging a weighted toy can also simulate these feelings, and can work well for younger children too. 

No Need For Water

Hot water bottles are a great economical way to keep warm in the colder months, especially with the cost of living crisis. However they can sometimes become a safety issue for younger and older people, especially when hot water is involved. 

Warmies microwavable products don't require any hot water to get warm, they are simply heated in a microwave. The Warmies body bottles are also ideal if you're looking for a more classic hot water bottle style without the need for hot water, these bottles offer a soothing warmth without the danger of burning yourself.


Did you know Warmies microwavable products can also be put in the freezer for the warmer months? Ideal for getting use out of them all year round, the microwavable soft toys in particular are ideal for keeping children cool at night. Simply put the toy in a bag and pop it in the freezer for up to one hour and the millet seed inside will become cool to the touch.

What will you use your Warmies for? Shop the full collection available now at Pizzazz-Retail.  

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