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How Can I Help Save The Bees?

How Can I Help Save The Bees?

With World Bee Day on 20th May there's never been a better time to start helping out the wildlife and insects in your local area, especially your own garden!

Bees are one of nature's best and most-needed pollinators, so it's important we all do what we can to help them survive and thrive. We've come up with a few easy ways you can encourage and help bees in your garden and area without breaking the bank!

Wooden Solitary Bee Hive With Bee Holes Fro solitary Bees

As part of our World Bee Day celebrations we're also giving away one Solitary Bee Hive! To enter simply place an order via our website between 5th May 2023 - 20th May 2023. 

Plant Bee-Friendly Plants & Flowers

One simple way to help solitary bees and other insects is planting flowers that they love that allow them to collect nectar, of course we know bees then in turn pollinate other flowers with the pollen that sticks to their bodies & legs, a perfect cycle you might say!

Some bee-friendly plants that are easily grown in the UK are lavender, sunflowers, borage, chives and rosemary. Packets of seeds are a great cost-effective way to introduce some plants into the garden whether it's through planters or planting directly into the garden.

Seeds are a lovely way to introduce little ones to the outdoors and the importance of looking after our wildlife. This kid's gardening tool set is perfect for getting them geared up for some gardening. 

Kid's Gardening Tool Kit £18.95

No Mow May!

One super simple way to help the bees out is by simply not doing much! Started by Plantlife the No Mow May movement was created to encourage us all to mow less and allow natural, native plants to grow, such as dandelions, clover, foxgloves and more. Bees in particular love flowers that we might consider weeds and, even better they don't cost a thing!

If you're unsure about letting your garden grow a little wild then perhaps create one wildflower square or strip in your garden that will still give bees and insects the chance to enjoy the wildflowers.

Grab a pair of durable gardening gloves to see you through the year and help with plating and sewing seeds to cultivate your wildflower garden

Briers Butterfly Gardening Gloves £14.99

Protect & Plant Trees

Bees and trees go hand in hand, fruit bearing trees are ideal for giving bees a helping hand as well as encouraging pollination of trees which are of course pretty important!

If you can plant some fruit-bearing trees go for it or if you're lucky enough to have trees in your garden or local area be sure to keep them well looked after. Willow, maple, horse chestnut, linden are also all great trees for encouraging and helping bees. 

You may also want to look into putting some fruit out for the bees if you feel comfortable with this, bees love fruits and will get nectar from ripe or overripe fruits. Hanging some from a tree hook should help to keep them contained to an area of your garden if this is something you want to try!

Tree Forge Hook

Create A Bee Bath

A bee bath is a fantastic addition to your garden or outdoor space and it doesn't take very much at all to create one! In the hot summer months bees enjoy cooling off and will be in search of a water source, make a bee bath in a shallow dish or container by adding fresh water, rocks, leaves and feathers. You could even repurpose a bird feeder dish if you wanted something to hang above ground, this would help to stop pets or children playing in your newly made bird bath!

The idea is to create a safe landing spot for bees and other insects to enjoy water without the risk of drowning or becoming too wet. Adding in rocks and other floating matter will give bees a spot to rest and you can find these materials around your garden or local park easily and for free!


 Vintage Bird Feeder £23.99

We hope some of these ideas will give you the tools to create a great bee-friendly environment in your garden, balcony or outdoor space!

Don't forget if you wanted to place an order for anything via our website midnight on 20th May you will be entered in to the prize draw to win a solitary bee hive!

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