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How to have a more eco-friendly Christmas

How to have a more eco-friendly Christmas

With the festivities just around the corner we've got a few tips to make the celebration a little more eco-friendly! Whilst these may not win any prizes for being super green they are small, practical adjustments you can make this year!

Ditch The Wrapping Paper

Why not try a fun alternative to the traditional wrapping paper by gifting your presents in tin or jars or even wrapping them in fabric and cloths. Make the wrapping part of your gift with a beautiful storage tin, perfect for gifting biscuits and cakes as well as anything else you fancy! 

These tins can then be used after the festivities throughout the year as well as used for re-gifting! The tins are air-tight so make ideal storage for food but can also be used for so many other things such as storing crafts items, jewellery, stationary and so much more.

Choose Reusable Gifts

Why not look for gifts that offer practicality as well as look great! Functional products such as a reusable coffee cup or water bottles help to reduce single-use plastic as well as being really thoughtful to the recipient. 

Warmies also offer great practical and gift-able items, great for warming up, Warmies microwavable soft toys, slippers, neck wraps and body bottles are also a great way to keep your heating bills down and be a little friendlier to the planet. These reusable heating products keep you cosy as well as being a great product to aid sleep and reduce aches and pains. 


Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own DIY decoration is a great way to be a little more eco-friendly this year, and can be a fun activity to do! Why not have a go at making your own Christmas cracker decoration with our range of Warwick & Vance hankies? Perfect for adding a personalised touch to your Christmas table settings you can use items from around the house to make these fun decorations!

Simply roll a empty cardboard tube or toiler roll tube up in the hankie and tie each end to produce a homemade Christmas cracker! 

Save The Leftovers

Make the most of your leftovers and reduce food waste by storing everything in air-tight contains and tins. Storage doesn't need to be boring either, with Emma Bridgewater and Sara Miller London offering beautifully designed tins that can last the whole year round as well

You can also donate your excess food to food banks and charities, especially if you have long-lasting canned or dry packed items to again cut down on food waste. 

What eco-friendly ideas or traditions do you have? All items are available to purchase via Pizzazz Retail

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