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Get 10% Off Your First Order When You sign Up To Our Free Newsletter

Xtralite NiteSafe LED Rechargeable Torch With Orange Night Light & Power Failure Light

SKU XL20714

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This model is provided with a UK plug only.

The slick design and weatherproof finish gives you extra grip, making it perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Just place one in any convenient location for easy access and you will have a torch charged and ready anytime you need one. Perfect for dog walking, hiking or any other night time outdoor activity whatever the weather!

The orange nightlight emits a gentle glow and you also have the usual power cut feature.

Please note the nightlight and/or motion sensor features can not be turned off with this model. If you are looking for a power failure only light we recommend our Xtralite NiteSafe Maxi model as this torch can be switched to 'off'  on the unit itself but will still light up in the event of a power cut if it is plugged in with the wall socket switched on. 

Product Features:

  • Part Of The NiteSafe Range
  • Comes With Induction Charging Base That Plugs In To A Wall Socket
  • Slide The Torch In & Out Of The Base Easily
  • The Base Of The Torch Will Glow Orange When Darkness Is Detected
  • Automatic Power Failure Detection - Top LEDs Will Activate Should The Power Fail
  • The Torch Will Stay Activated For Up To 8 Hours In Power Failure Mode Or When Removed From The Base
  • Torch Has 1 Super Bright LED - 80 Lumens
  • Remove Model From The Base To Use As A Torch
  • Press The Button On The Front To Switch The Torch To A Brighter LED
  • Press The Button Again To Return To A Dimmer LED Light
  • Press A Third Time To Activate The SOS Emergency Flashing Light
  • Press A Final Time To Turn Off All Lights
  • Weatherproof Coating On The Torch Can Withstand Light Drizzle/Rain
  • Great For Dog Walking Or Walking At Night
  • Orange Night Light Cannot Be Turned Off

Product Uses:

  • Power Failure Light Will Come On If The Torch Is Plugged In & Switched On At The Mains
  • When The Torch Is On The 'Hi' Setting The Light Lasts Up To 3 Hours On Full Charge & Up To 8 Hours On The 'Lo' Setting
  • Choose From A Single Torch Or Double Or Triple Packs
  • Ideal For Elderly Homes, Holiday Rentals, Hotels, Caravans & Emergency Lighting