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Get 10% Off Your First Order When You sign Up To Our Free Newsletter

Xtralite NiteSafe Maxi LED Dusk Till Dawn Night Light With Torch & Power Failure Light

SKU XL20704

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The Maxi Is A Dusk To Dawn Nightlight With A Rechargeable Base & Power Failure Light Functionality.

The torch has a bright 80 lumen output or a lower 60 lumen output dependent on the setting you choose, as well as an emergency flashing light meaning you will always have sufficient light whenever you need it. You can also use the front-facing nightlight LEDs as a bright hands-free task light.

Please note this torch does have a power failure light functionality but it is also a night light, the automatic night light can be switched to 'off' to use the MAXI as a power failure night only.

Please note the nightlight and/or motion sensor features can not be turned off with this model. If you are looking for a power failure only light we recommend our Xtralite NiteSafe Maxi model as this torch can be switched to 'off'  on the unit itself but will still light up in the event of a power cut if it is plugged in with the wall socket switched on. 

Product Features:

  • Part Of The NiteSafe Range
  • Comes With Induction Charging Base That Plugs In To A Wall Socket
  • Most Popular Choice For Holiday Lets, Holiday Cottages & Hotels
  • Use The Sliding Switch On The Front To Toggle Between Night Light Modes
  • Slide To Auto Lo To Put The Night Light In A Low LED Light Mode
  • Slide To Auto Hi To Put The Night Light In A High LED Light Mode (Brighter LEDs)
  • Slide To Off To Turn Off The Night Light Completely
  • Slide To On To Turn On The Front LED Light Constantly In Any Light (Day Or Night)
  • The Night Light Will Activate Automatically In Darkness & Stay On Constantly From Dusk Till Dawn Unless The Sliding Switch Is Set To Off
  • Automatic Power Failure Light Will Activate From The Top LEDs Should The Power Fail
  • Automatic Power Failure Light Will Still Activate If The Slider Switch Is Set To Off Allowing It To Be Used Solely As A Power Failure Light
  • The Model Will Last Up To 15 Hours In Power Failure Mode or When Removed From The Base
  • Remove The Model From The Base To Use As A Torch
  • Press The Button On The Front To Activate A High Beam Light
  • Press Again To Return To A Low Beam Light
  • Press A Third Time To Activate The SOS Emergency Light
  • Press A Final Time To Turn Off
  • Slide The Switch To On When Outside Of The Base To Activate The Front LED Light - Can Be Used As A Task Light Or Book Light 
  • 40 Metre Light Spread

Product Uses:

  • Long-Lasting LEDs Are Efficient & Cost-Effect
  • The MAXI Can Be Used As A Nightlight That Will Automatically Turn On When Darkness Is Detected
  • The Torch Must Be Sat In The Cradle, Switched On & Plugged In To Be Used As A Nightlight & Power Failure Light
  • Remove The Torch To Use As Task Light Or Classic Torch
  • Remove The Torch & Switch To A Hi Light Or Lo Light To Find Fuse Boxes/Doors/Stairs Etc In A Power Cut, Choose The Flasher Mode For Emergencies