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Xtralite NiteSafe Duo LED Night Light Or Motion Sensor With Torch & Power Failure Light

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SKU XL20733

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The Duo is our entry-level dual-purpose nightlight and an excellent choice for many situations. It comes packed with the motion sensor capability but also a dusk-to-dawn nightlight. Just position the slide switch to set the nightlight to whichever mode suits you best.

Please note the nightlight and/or motion sensor features can not be turned off with this model. If you are looking for a power failure only light we recommend our Xtralite NiteSafe Maxi model as this torch can be switched to 'off'  on the unit itself but will still light up in the event of a power cut if it is plugged in with the wall socket switched on. 


Dusk to Dawn - Choose this setting and the nightlight will automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off again when it gets light.

Motion Sensor - Choose this setting and the nightlight will turn on when movement is detected in a dark area and turn off after about 20 seconds.

The LED torch is required to sit in a charging cradle and is kept permanently charged by induction charging technology within the charging base. If the power fails, or you take the torch from its charging cradle, the torch LEDs switch on automatically.

The torch also has a motion sensor on the front that triggers the light to come on during darkness, alongside the choice to have the torch as a nightlight which means the light will come on during darkness and stay on until light is detected.

Product Details:

  • Part Of The NiteSafe Range
  • Comes With Induction Charging Base That Plugs In To A Wall Socket
  • Use The Slider Switch On The Side of The Model To Toggle Between Night Light & Motion Sensor Mode
  • Slide The Switch Up To Activate Dusk Till Dawn Night Light Mode - The Front LEDs Will Activate In Darkness & Stay On Constantly
  • Slide The Switch Down To Activate Motion Sensor Mode - The Front LEDs Will Activate In Darkness When Motion Is  Detected
  • Slide The Switch To The Middle To Turn Off All Features Including Power Failure Mode
  • Sensor Delay Time 20 +/- 5s
  • Sensor Distance 3-4 Meters
    The Top LEDs Will Activate Automatically Should The Power Fail
  • The Model Will Stay Activated For Up To to 2 hours In Power Failure Mode Or When Removed From The Base
  • When Removed From The Base The Model Can Be Used As A Torch - Top LEDs Will Activate
  • Dusk to Dawn Night Light : 1 Lumen, Sensor Light : 20 Lumens
  • Night Light &/Or Motion Sensor Modes Cannot Be Turned Off
  • The Model Cannot Be Used As A Power Failure Light Only