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Warmies Microwavable Toy Lucky Dip

by Warmies

Love Warmies but don't know which one to pick?!

Why not treat yourself to a little surprise with our Warmies Lucky Dip? By ordering this product you will receive one Warmies Microwavable Soft Toys from the 13" range. 

The Warmies selected is chosen at random and we cannot guarantee which cute & cuddly character you will receive.

We do not offer exchanges on this product as items are chosen at random, sales are final, however returns may be accepted in some instances.

The Warmies you receive is chosen at random however there is chance of receiving the same item twice if multiple orders are placed.

The Lucky Dip features a selection of Warmies from our current stock but does not include all of the 13" Warmies we offer.

If the lucky dip isn't for you please check out our full range of Warmies available online!

Product Details

  • Soft & Cuddly - Each Toy Is Made With Comfort In Mind
  • Each Toy Is Filled With Specially Treated Lavender Scented Heatable Millet
  • Lavender Offers Relaxing Benefits Known To Aid Sleep
  • Follow Safety Instructions On The Product Labels
  • For Use In A Clean Microwave Only
  • Do Not Reheat The Product Until Completely Cool
  • Perfect Heat Therapy For Soothing Aches & Pains
  • Contains Wheat