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Ottlite LED Natural Daylight Vanity Makeup Mirror

by Ottlite

Voted 'Best For Magnification' by

Stylish, innovative and so much fun to use the new Ottlite LED Natural Daylight Vanity Makeup Mirror produces the closest light to natural daylight than any other LED, making it perfect for seeing make up colours and skin tones the way they are meant to be. With three brightness settings to suit your needs, this mirror will allow you to make colour decisions with full confidence... a real game changer!

The handy and easy to use Qi charging phone stand allows you to watch your favourite Youtubers expertly apply their makeup, FaceTime with friends, create your own social media video content as well as charge your phone! Simply use the wireless Qi charging or the USB port and easily adjust the angles of your phone, perfect for keeping a full battery whilst getting ready.

The dual-sided mirror comes with a high powered 5x lighted magnifier, ideal for getting up close and personal. Voted 'Best In Magnification' by this mirror offers sophisticated technology making personal grooming, intricate make-up looks and more totally possible. With a full 360° rotation, you can move the mirror to cater for every angle, making sure you have a polished look from start to finish.

Ideal for make-up lovers, professional make-up artists, make-up or art students, youtubers, social media influencers and more this daylight LED makeup mirror is the perfect tool for achieving the look and content you want.

Product Features:

- ClearSun LED Illumination With 3 Brightness Settings
- Wireless Charging Stand For Mobile Phones
- Integrated USB Charging Port (5V, 2.1A)
- Dual Sided Mirror With 1x And 5x Magnification
- Adjustable Mirror - Rotates, Swivels, Angle Adjusts
- Great For Aspiring Beauticians/Make-Up Artists


Social Shares

Glamour Magazine-"I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face this close-up—and I tweeze my eyebrows every single day. This mirror is ideal (albeit a bit dangerous) for getting out those tiny, tiny hairs. Bonus: It comes with a stand so you can prop your phone up while doing your makeup. I think it’s technically supposed to be for copying beauty vlogger tutorials in real time, but it’s also handy for checking emails and going through your schedule while you multi-task on your makeup."

@afitandfabulousmichele-"It (the OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror) not only charges your phone wirelessly but also lights up so you can effectively tweeze your eyebrow hairs! It’s awesome and it’s perfect for gifting this season!."

@cinthiamiranda-"It has natural daylight illumination and wireless charging feature that’s so amazing and unique, I love to watch videos or record my own tutorials while I do my makeup + charging my phone, all at the same time! It also has a 5x magnification mirror that you can be accessed by simply rotating the mirror, I can see every single pore on my face and I love it."

Candy Washington- "Since I’m a fashion and beauty influencer, I love using my mirror while shooting my make-up tutorials on my phone or live-streaming my beauty tips to my audience. I also get to watch make-up tutorials for new looks that I want to try out right from my phone that’s safely secured next to my mirror."