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Get 10% Off Your First Order When You sign Up To Our Free Newsletter

Gingko Cube Plus LED Alarm Clock

by Gingko

A new and updated take on the classic Cube clock, the Cube Plus is an intelligent and sophisticated alarm clock with numerous fun and useful features. In keeping with the style of Gingko Design, this alarm clock is made from natural wood with sleek and elegant engraved buttons. The alarm clock offers a digital LED display that shows the time, either horizontally or vertically to suit you; along with this the Cube Plus can be used as a stopwatch or timer as well!

To activate the LED display simply touch, clap or click your fingers to wake up the Cube, in a quiet place the unit will no longer show the LED to reduce disturbance at night. The alarm can be snoozed or stopped by simply flipping the unit over, along with offering you a choice of natural forest birds, sea waves, or a fun rooster! 

Along with this you can use the Cube Plus as a timer to help with cooking or exercise as well as a fun timer to use with board games and fun activities!

Product Details

  • Gingko Design Cube Plus Alarm Clock
  • New & Improved Look & Features 
  • Made From Wooden Natural Materials
  • Engraved Buttons
  • LED Display That Can Use Shown Horizontally Or Vertically
  • Sound-Activated Display - Simply Make A Noise To Activate The Display
  • LED Display Will Become Dormant In Quiet Areas To Stop Sleep Disturbance 
  • Automatic Dim 50% Between 9pm to 7am
  • Battery Life: Approx 2 months In Sound Activated Display Or 1-2 Weeks In Permanent Display
  • Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Product Size: 80mm Or 3.15 Inches Cube
  • Use As A Timer For Cooking & More
  • Use A Stopwatch For Boardgames, Exercise Etc
  • Powered By In-Built 2000 mAh Rechargeable Battery With USB C Charging Cable Included