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Get 15% off Your First Order When You Subscribe To Our Free Email Newsletter

6oz 180ml Ecoffee Cup Reusable Eco-Friendly Plant Based Coffee Cup (More Colours Available)

by Ecoffee
SKU ECF23 806001

Looking for an affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and do something great for the planet? Ecoffee are one of the original creators of reusable coffee cups, made with the intention of offering you a waste-free way to enjoy your barista coffee on the go!

We all know the importance of making small changes to help the environment and grabbing yourself an eco-friendly, reusable Ecoffee cup is a perfect place to start. The new and improved Ecoffee cups are made from melamine-free PLA which is 100% plant-based. PLA is a biopolymer material derived from renewable sugar beet, this sound very fancy but really it's a plastic-free material made from plants which is a great renewable way of creating the new cups. PLA makes the coffee cups light and airy and lovely to drink from as there's no nasty aftertaste. As well as this PLA production uses 65% less energy than producing conventional plastics and generates 68% fewer greenhouse gases and contains no toxins, another win for the planet!

Ecoffee cups are ideal for grabbing your hot or cold drinks on the go or simply taking your own drinks made at home, take your own Ecoffee cup to most coffee shop chains and either earn money off your drink or extra reward points. As well as this they fit neatly in cup holders and are quick and easy to clean, Ecoffee offers a range of sizes to suit your drink size ranging from XS (6oz) to XM (14oz).

Product Details

  • Ecoffee Cup Made From Vegan Friendly 100% Plants Material (PLA)
  • No Plastic & No Nasty After-Taste
  • Suitable For Daily Usage Up To +100C For Hot Drinks & -20C For Cold
  • Drinks Cup Comes With Silicone Lid & Sleeve
  • Lid Comes With Stopper To Prevent Leaks From Drink-Through Hole
  • BPA, BPS and Melamine-Free
  • Suitable For Food & Drink
  • UK/ EU Food Contact Approved 2022: (EC) No. 10/ 2011 (FCM No. 99)
  • Recyclable And Commercially Biodegradable
  • Over 60% Less CO2 Manufacturing
  • Dishwasher Safe On Top Shelf - Remove Silicone Parts & Wash Separately
  • Microwave Reheat (Max 800W/ 40 sec)
  • Presented In FCS Approved Cardboard Packaging
  • Ecoffee Is Known As One Of The First Reusable Coffee Cup Brands & Have Prevented 150 Million Single-Use Cups From Going To Landfill
  • Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift Idea
  • Wash Before First Use
  • EU Compliant (EC No 2020/1245)