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Get 20% Off Your First Order With Code PIZZAZZ20

Warmies Microwavable Neck Wrap Warmer With A Lavender Scent, Various Colours

by Warmies
Sold out
Colour: Brown

The Warmies neck wrap is a great design that looks similar to our traditional Hot-Pak. The difference is that it is manufactured from luxurious soft fur instead of our various other fabrics and is fully micorwavable making it easier, quicker and much safer to use than a tradtional hot water bottle. This neck wrap completely removes the risk of scalding, making it particulary suitable for the elderly.

Product Features:

- The Warmies cozy body microwavable neck wrap provides the ultimate in soothing relief from tension and discomfort.
- Made from luxuriously soft and tactile fur fabric it is designed to comfortably sit around the neck and shoulder area.
- The organic treated millet filling is gently scented with lavender and when warmed in the microwave, provides lasting warmth and a comforting aroma, to help soothe and ease pain in aching or stiff necks and shoulders, relieve tension and reduce stress, as well as providing simple relaxation.
- Neck wrap can be used on other parts of the body too and makes an ideal treat for yourself, family or friends.
- Approx size: 42cm x 12.5cm.