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Hot-Pak Microwavable Heat Therapy Lavender Scented Tartan Reusable Heat Pack

by Warmies
Colour: Blackwatch

Long gone are the days when, to get warm when curled up in front of the TV or when reading a book on a colder winter's night, you needed a hot water bottle, woolly blanket and maybe even a bobble hat! Now, all you require is a herbal Hot-Pak from Intelex Group global market leaders in the manufacturing of heatable gifts for all age groups. Simply pop your Hot-Pak Tartan in the microwavable quickly, and then use it as a wonderfully warming cushion or pocket warmer (something that is not too hot or disappointingly lukewarm, but the perfect temperature the temperature (YOU NEED). You'll love the soothing power of your Hot-Pak Tartan, which is the answer for people requiring instant relief from tired muscles or aching joints after a long day. The Tartan design complements furnishings well, being strong yet somehow simultaneously subtle. So, get warm, add style to your home, and avoid all the hassle and risk of traditional hot water-filled products, by investing in a Hot-Pak Tartan today. You won't regret it.

Product Features:

- Microwaveable Hot-Pak Heat Pak.
- Instant Relief From Tired Muscles Or Aching Joints After A Long Day.
- The Tartan Design Complements Furnishings Well.
- Avoid All The Hassle And Risks Of Traditional Hot Water-Filled Products.
- Can Be Reheated Thousands Of Times.