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Warmies Microwavable Hooty Owl Plush Lavender Scented Soft Toy, Various Colours

by Warmies
Colour: Grey

A novel NEW collection of fully microwavable soft toys, Hooty's are an attractive colourful range available in a variety of different styles and fabrics. These soft and furry Hootys are a fun range created in response to a huge demand from our customers for a hottie with a bit more excitement. These nocturnal owls make the perfect bedtime companion. Available in attractive colours, fully microwavable and filled with the lavender-scented millet seed has brilliant appeal for children's birthday party gifts, stocking fillers and for kids who just love something warm and cute to cuddle. Whilst Hooty will obviously appeal to youngsters, it can also be a useful purchase for mums and dads who might be in need of a quick burst of warmth to soothe aches and pains, or to de-stress after a long day. Feet, backs and necks can feel relaxed and rejuvenated once Hooty has spread its warmth. A Hooty in the hand is worth two in the bush. Simply warm in a microwave for up to 2 minutes (depending on microwave category please refer to instructions included) to release soothing heat and the relaxing aroma of Lavender. Only Suitable for ages 3+ 

Product Features
- Warmies Hooty Heatable Plush Stuffed Toy Range
- Warm Up In A Microwave For To Make Them Warm & Cuddly - Perfect For Nighttime
- Gently Scented With Soothing Lavender - Great For De-Stessing
- Cute Owl Designs - Perfect Gift Idea
- Suitable For 3+ - Follow All Instructions Carefully