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Premium Timeless Natural Rattan Hedgehog 'Haus' House Shelter


Provide much-needed shelter and warmth for hedgehogs entering your garden or outdoor areas with this beautifully crafted hedgehog house from the Timeless range. Created to offer a water-proof hideaway for hedgehogs this is a must-have for wildlife lovers. Ideal for allowing any hedgehogs protection and shelter, hedgehog houses should only be used in the wild and not in sanctuaries, 

Product Details

  • Premium Timeless Hedgehog Haus
  • Made From FCS Certified Timber That Has Been Painted Grey
  • Natural Rattan Covering & Waterproof Felt Lining Inside
  • Steel Framework For Protection
  • Short Corridor Entrance To Deter Predators
  • Ideally, Leave The House In A Quiet Area In Your Garden Away From Dogs & Cats
  • You May Want To Peg Down The House With Tent Pegs Or Similar For Extra Protection
  • Cover With Leaves & Twigs To Make hedgehogs Feel Right At Home
  • Measures Approx 175 x 400 x 500 mm

Did You Know?

  • Hedgehogs Are Intolerant To Milk So Stick To Water If You Choose To Leave Them A Drink
  • Hedgehogs Are Generally Nocturnal Animals, If You See A Hedgehog In The Daytime It May Be Hungry, Thirsty, Or Injured - Monitor & Contact Your Local Wildlife Sanctuaries If Needed
  • Hedgehogs Are Now Considered 'Vulnerable' In Great Britain Due To Loss Of Habitats