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Guitar Slide 2 Piece Set

by Pickboy

PICKBOY's pioneering guitar slides, made in Japan, have been sold since the early 1970s, evolving from glass materials to stainless steel materials to tapered structures. The tapered structure (thick 6th string side) enables stable performance even when the 6th string is held down by sliding. The PICKBOY 2 piece pack of Guitar Slides includes 2 slides, one for the fore, middle or ring finger and second pinkie slide. They are slightly tapered to feel natural and firm on your finger. Take your blues licks to the next level.
Material: stainless steel, tapered 2 pieces
Size: Large 60mm, inner diameter 18-20mm
Size: Small 30mm, inner diameter 18mm
Allows you to play slide licks freely
Works on electric guitar or acoustic guitar
Made in Japan