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Original Double Chevron Wooden Bat Box Roost Shelter


Over recent years bats have begun to lose their natural habitats, helpt to protect and conserve bats with this natural wood bat box. Made from FCS certified wood this bat shelter offers insulation and protection for a number of bat species, the roost box has two chambers for high-capacity along with a narrow slot entrance for warmth. 

Product Details

  • Original Chevron Bat Shelter Box
  • Made From FCS Certified Wood That Offers Longevity & Durability
  • Narrow Entrance For Great Insulation
  • Two Roost Chamber Suitable For Many Species Of Bats
  • High-Quality Timber Deters & Protects From Predators
  • Measures Approx 320 x 158 x 160 mm

Things To Note

  • The Bat Box Should Be Sited High Up Between 2.5m - 5m On A  Sturdy Building Or Mature Tree Using The Pre-Drilled Back Plate Hanger.

  • Ideally, The Box Should Receive Only Part Sun During The Day – Facing North, South-West, Or South-East

  • If The Box Is Sited on An Existing Finding Or Flight Route, You Are More Likely To Get An Occupation

Bats Are A Schedule 1 Protected Species Under The Wildlife & Countryside Act. It Is Illegal For Any Member Of The Public To Disturb A Roost, Handle Or Kill Any Bat. Bat boxes, Therefore, May Only Be Inspected By A Licensed Bat Worker. However, You Can Monitor Your Bat Box Without Disturbance, Look For Mouse-Sized Droppings Beneath The Box As A Clue To Occupation, Or Observe From A Distance At Dusk To See If Bats Are Exiting The Box To Hunt.