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New England Forest Green Wooden Garden Bird House & Nesting Box

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A charming way to support and attract small birds into your garden this bird box is inspired by the iconic New England beach huts, this birdhouse is painted with rich green paint and a showcases real shingle roof. Earthy colours such as green and brown are favored by wildlife as they blend into the natural habitat much better. Ideal for small wild birds such as blue tits, coal tits, tit marshes, etc this nesting box also offers a silver entrance protector adding durability and a touch of style, remember to position away from potential threats such as cats.  

Product Details

  • New England Wooden Garden Birdhouse
  • Inspired By Iconic Beach Huts With Real Shingle Roof & Lapboard Sides
  • Slow-Seasoned FCS Timber & Stainless Steel For Durability
  • Water-Based Paint That Can be Painted Annually
  • Measures Approx 245 x 215 x 175 mm

Monitoring & Sitting

  • Nesting Takes Place In April & May Typically, In The Event of Hatching Chicks There With Be Frantic Feeding So Do Take Care Not To DisTurb The Nesting Box As Parent Birds May  Abandon Eggs & Chicks
  • The Birdhouse Should Be Sited On A tree, Wall Or Garden Fence At Least 1.5m-2.5m Above The Ground
  • Take Care To Avoid Areas With Cats & Other Predators 
  • The Nesting Box Should Be Left empty As Birds Will Bring Their Own Nesting Materials
  • Outside of The Breeding Season The Box Should Be Cleaned And Emptied