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Fountasia RoboTime 3D DIY Mini Modelling Hobby Craft Sets

SKU FO16 DG105

RoboTime 3D model sets are a perfect gift for puzzle lovers, spend some quality time with a child or loved one building the model together or enjoy some me-time doing something that can focus your mind on the task at hand. Each model comes boxed with parts included, excluding any batteries required. Choose from a range of models each boxed with their individual pieces as well as a range of tools and equipment needed to complete the crafting. 

Product Details:

  • Choose From A Variety of DIY Craft Model Sets
  • All Elements Included Except Batteries If Required
  • Some Model Kits Have LED Features 
  • High-Quality Materials Made From Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Intricate, Highly Detailed Models
  • Assembly Time Approx 15 Hours
  • Great Hobby Idea
  • Work With Children/Loved Ones Together
  • Learn New Skills
  • Great Gift Idea