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Ecoffee Reusable Stein & Holz Coffee Cup Eco-Friendly Travel Take-Out Cup 14oz 400ml

by Ecoffee
SKU EC16 600142
Colour: Marmo Verde

Enjoy your coffee break without adding to the unsustainable problem of single-use plastic with this range of natural coffee cups from Ecoffee. Designed with the planet in mind each cup is reusable and is made from natural wood fibre materials making every cup of coffee an easy way to your bit for the enviroment. The detailed designs from the range showcase the textures of nature beautifully, making each cup a lovely eco-friendly gift idea.


Product Details:

  • Ecoffee Reusable Coffee Cups In Collaboration With Stein & Holz
  • Made From Sustainable, Safety-Tested Wood Fibre Materials
  • Independently Tested In EU
  • Suitable For Daily Use & Temperatures Up To 100 Degrees
  • Free From Animal Or Animal-Derived Products
  •  Fully Dishwasher-Safe
  • Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift
  • Save Money In Some Coffee Shops By Bringing Your Own Mugs


  • Volume: 400 ml/ 14oz
  • Height: 130mm / 5.12 inch
  • Top diameter: 85mm / 3.35 inch
  • Bottom diameter: 56mm/ 2.2 inch
  • Weight: 160g/ 5.65oz

Avoiding breakage:

ecoffee is made from a natural composite material that is robust and suitable for daily re-use with hot drinks. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe and suitable for microwave reheat in accordance with our guidelines and with respectful treatment, it should last for years. However, it is not unbreakable.

To avoid the disappointment of breakage, avoid squeezing your Cup into tightly packed bags, dropping or throwing the Cup (especially on to hard surfaces), or putting boiling water directly into it after it has been stored in a very cold environment. (In this situation it can be useful to pre-warm the Cup by swirling a small amount of hot water inside prior to filling.) In the highly unlikely event of hairline crack being present, we recommend a pre-use inspection to ensure a larger split does not occur while the Cup in use. The current version of Ecoffee Cup (2.0) is microwave-safe, but only in accordance with Ecoffee Guidelines, Please also refer to the bottom of your Cup to see which version Ecoffee Cup you own. Caution: Hot drinks burn.

Keeping your Ecoffee Cup clean:

We always recommend that you clean your Ecoffee Cup in the dishwasher (top shelf) on a daily basis. Ensure you remove the lid and sleeve and place them separately, also in the dishwasher. Hand wash in very hot soapy water is also effective and sometimes preferable especially in areas with hard water.

Some simple tips for keeping your Ecoffee Cup clean: Avoid leaving the Cup for extended periods with leftover coffee or tea, as this can leave rings, Tannin from some types of tea can be brutal! However, staining should not affect the odour or usability of your Ecoffee Cup, Please ensure your Cup is clean prior to presenting it at a cafe for reuse.

Avoiding and removing odours:

Because of the nature of the materials used in the creation of Ecoffee Cup, it should not develop or retain flavour-taint during its lifetime, no matter what drinks you prepare in it. However, as silicone is chemically inert, which means it will not emit odours, it may absorb odours from its immediate surrounds.

Some simple tips for keeping your Ecoffee Cup odour-free: Avoid washing or storing the silicone lid with plastic, stainless-steel or other odorous items, as it may absorb these odours, Avoid using perfumed dishwasher tablets (such as Cascade), as they may impart odour to the silicone,A paste of bicarbonate or baking soda, spread on the surface and left overnight, should help remove odours.