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Daycraft bRead Freshly Baked Lined Notebook, Various Colours

SKU N76 412-00
Colour: Whole Wheat

Freshly baked notebook is a staple for a tasteful lifestyles. bRead comes in three flavours. It‹¨«s not a lotta dough. If you see one, you‹¨«ll knead it.Break open a bRead notebook and inside the crispy fresh cardboard covers you‹¨«ll discover a delicious filling of premium paper bRead notebooks look real because we kept changing the recipe until it turned out just right. The covers even have a bready texture. The crust features coloured edge printing.

Product Features:

- 100 gsm cream acid-free paper
- Case bound
- Inkjet printed edges
- 296 pages
- Cover Material: Paper
- Bread Design
- w120 mm x h120 mm