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Natural Wood Ladybird House & Insect Hotel With Flip-Top Nesting Compartment


Designed to offer a secure retreat for ladybugs and other insects this sweet lodge is made from natural FCS wood making sure it provides an environmentally friendly way to shelter insects in your garden and attract new wildlife. The bug hotel comes with a flip-top lid that allows you to offer nesting materials such as rose cuttings, twigs, and straw that are suitable for insect bedding. The insect house also comes with wooden tubing that is enjoyed by solitary bees as well as nesting holes along the bottom ledge. This wooden ladybird lodge is also able to accept live ladybirds should you choose to introduce them, and should be situated near aphids to offer natural sustenance to the insects.

Product Details

  • Natural Wood Ladybird Lodge & Insect Hotel
  • Quality FCS Wood & Environmentally Friendly Materials Used
  • Perfect For Insects, Bees & Ladybugs Offering Natural Shelter
  • Flip-Top Lid That Allows You To Add Your Own Nesting Materials
  • Nesting Materials Can Include Rose Cuttings, Straw, Twigs & Bark
  • Perspex Screen On The Side Allows You To See The Insects From A Distance
  • Woden Tubes Encourage Solitary Bees
  • Vibrant Red Colour To Attract Insects
  • Secure To A Post Or Fence Securely With Fixtures Included
  • Dimensions 260 x 120 x 150 mm
  • Weight 615g
  • Ladybirds Will Eat Pesky Aphids, Mites & Greenflys In Your Garden